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Special Variery Crystals and Gems

Introducing our Crystal Collection  a perfect addition to your Fall collection. This elegant and enchanting crystals can reunite your love energy and healing your chakra. 

$75.00 to $995.00
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Special  Meditation Book

The captivating meditation book is handcrafted design . It is use for chakra energy open up the third eye in your life, open up the third door in your life, love, happiness and health and find peace of mind, creating an atmosphere of warmth, joy, and celebration.

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Royal Quartz 

The Crystals come with meditation reading when you make a purchase of $95.00

Staring at $95.00
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Special Chakra Candles 

Chakra candles are $75.00 per candle up to $195.00 per candle.
With meditation book is up to $995.00 for one hour meditation. Carefully curated by our skilled artisans, this set features an assortment of three handcrafted, eco-friendly soy wax candles, each transporting you to a bountiful orchard, a cozy fireside, or a tranquil autumn evening.

$75.00 to $995.00
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Chakra Soap

To balance the chakra’s energy. We do an Ayurvedic blend of traditional essential oils to cleanse the body and elevate your energy.
This refreshing soap expertly combines the energizing qualities of luscious citrus with the comforting warmth of rich cream, evoking the feeling of sipping a perfectly blended lemon dessert on a bright and cheery day.

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Chakra oil 

Luxury Chakra sets- Natural healing-100% pure essential oils-chakra essential oil sets - aromatherapy-Ayurveda oils- therapeutic oils 

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Chakra Incense

Chakra incense sticks are perfect for meditation, reiki, yoga relaxation, & healing.this delightful burner is designed to hold your favorite Doreen’s Spiritual Boutique collection, creating a cozy glow reminiscent of a welcoming home on a quiet evening.

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